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Opened by Azuka - 01.10.2016
Last edited by Josh - 02.10.2016

FS#4582 - [Paladin] Fourreau de Lumière

Ce talent de la branche vindicte bug, actuellement les soins sur le temps de fourreau de lumière se cumulent alors qu'ils ne devraient pas.

Closed by  Josh
02.10.2016 21:43
Reason for closing:  Pas un bug
Josh commented on 01.10.2016 21:33

Je comprends pas tout à fait, tu veux dire quoi par là? Le buff se met plusieurs fois? Il y a des stacks? Ils se cumulent avec quoi exactement?

Eridium commented on 01.10.2016 21:38
Eridium commented on 02.10.2016 14:00

According to few sources the heal should be cumulative and it should work like "deep wounds" and "righteous vengeance":


Golemagg the Incinerator

JoL, Seal of Light, healing from Divine Storm and instant Flash of Lights will keep you alive. Crits with Flash of Light are important too since you get the additional 60% healing from Crits with the Sheath of Light talent and this healing is cumulative so the more often your FoL's crit them more healing you get from Sheath of Light.


Sheath of Light
An excellent talent, giving Retribution Paladins some potent healing when needed. The HoT from Sheath of Light functions similar to Righteous Vengeance, allowing for crit heals to cause the HoT to roll. Stacking strength is also important here, as it is converted into spell power. More stats, more DPS.


Sheath of Light
One of our most exciting talents for wrath. This talent helps to increase our damage because of the way we double-dip in AP and SP, gives retribution paladins heals actually worth casting/using, and makes STR that much more important. Sacred Shield finally also scales from spellpower granted by this talent. The healing portion of this talent acts the same way as RV; getting a crit heal while still having a sheath hot active "rolls" (see above). This effect stacks with the SS hot, meaning using a FoL on yourself (with SS active) and getting a crit results in a 130% strength HoT.


you get massive hots with flash of light and and sacred shield hot and since sacred shield gives so much crit to flash of light should be easy to keep sheath hots rolling

yeah it kinda is but was trading holy shock for the cooldown off of hammer of justice divine sacrifice the 6% damage reduction and sheath of lights on the ptr was getting 6k flash crits in my crappy gear putting a 3.6k hot and a 6k hot both rolling on myself and partner with me judging constantly didnt notice the loss of holy shock as much.


Sheath of light is 100% chance on any crit heal to add a HoT that doesnt over ride itself on a new crit but adds the remaining HoT amount onto the new HoT amount. Last time I checked I heal alot more than I cleanse, I have a higher crit chance than 30%, and I have a talent called divine favor which will give me 100% chance to give me a holy shock + instant HL combo which is comparable to something like nature's swiftness.

J'ai paas trouvé de source qui dit que le cumule ne dépasse pas le X fois.

Eridium commented on 02.10.2016 16:01