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Opened by liao - 08.11.2016
Last edited by Josh - 09.11.2016

FS#4726 - Limon vert putricide

Certains sort de défense peuvent etre utiliser pour ne pas faire bump le limon vert ou reset son aggro ou décaler le bump de quelques secondes : Déviation hunt, Vanish, TP démo, Transfert mage (pas sur).

Closed by  Josh
09.11.2016 08:03
Reason for closing:  Fixé prochaine maj
Additional comments about closing:  Devrait être corrigé prochaine maj.
Eridium commented on 08.11.2016 15:55

Selon les commentaires wowhead:

Concerning abilities that make you regain control of your character or make you immune:

- Every man for himself(Humans): Removes the Tear Gas effect. Doesn't work with Adhesive Ooze effect.
- Cloak of Shadows(Rogues): removes the Tear Gas effect. I have no clue if the removes Adhesive Ooze effect or Gaseous Bloat effect. Need a rogue to give me some info here.
- Blink(Mages): Does not remove the Adhesive Ooze effect. It does move you 20 yards ahead. Saves some movement while being chased by Gaseous Cloud. Not working against Tear Gas effect(or so I heard).
- Iceblock(Mages) and Divine Shield(Paladins): Removes the Adhesive Ooze effect and forces the ooze to pick another target. Best used when the ooze is 10 yards from you and the melee are hugging it. Gives you 3 more seconds of dps until the explosion. Also removes the Gaseous Bloat effect and forces the ooze to pick another target. You shouldn't do this. Used before the Tear Gas triggers allows you to cancel the effect after the Tear Gas is on the raid and do a few more seconds of dps on the boss. You won't be able to heal the raid though. All raid targets are flagged as Immune.
- Demonic Circle: Teleport: makes the oozes very angry with you. Doesn't remove any of the ooze effects but if used wisely should give your raid a few good seconds to dps the oozes.

Hunter's Feign Death ability forces Gas Cloud and Volatile Ooze to change targets. That means, that when Volatile Ooze targets hunter, he should wait until it will be close and should do FD. Then, the ooze will stop, won't explode, will "think" c.a. 2 sec who will be next target, and finally shot green beam and starts to move towards next target. Although, if Gas Cloud will choose hunter as target, FD will cause that it will choose next target to put stacking DOT on it.

Blink does NOT free you, however you DO jump forward the 20 yards. Use it right before the ooze touches you. Ice Block cancels the entire affect, forcing the slime to pick another target. Do NOT Ice Block, there will be melee close to the slime, and will probably explode.

As a Hunter I found that I could stand a bit away from the group due to range issues for attacks, but also for another reason. If the green ooze targeted me, then it would start to chase after me and right before it hit I would Feign Death. This caused the ooze to stop in its tracks and force it to take about 2 seconds to target someone else, and since melee was already on it from the spawn point they along with the other casters had burned it down a bit. Those extra 2 seconds are basically free DPS time where the ooze doesn't explode and can offer enough time to destroy it before it blows up.

Pour résumer:

TP démo: déplace la cible focus par le limon vert sans supprimer le ciblage -- fonctionne correctement

Déviation hunt: http://woehead.way-of-elendil.fr/?spell=19263  le limon doit ignorer la déviation et explosé directement une foit au cac, actuellement il explose qu'à la fin de la déviation -- à corriger

Vanish et cos: Ne doivent avoir aucun effet sur le focus des limons -- peut être à corriger

Transfert mage: Comme le TP demo il déplace la cible de quelque mètres sans enlever le focus

IceBlock et Divine Shield: enlève le focus du limon et le force à choisir une autre cible

Leastra commented on 08.11.2016 22:17

Je trouves d'autres infos pour le mage et le hunt : http://manaflask.com/guides/icc-25-hc-professor-putricide

Green Ooze:
There are many good tips regarding this nice little slimy creature. First of all you have to know that you will be knocked away after the explosion. But you can determine where you will fly by positioning yourself at the right angle and side of the ooze in advance. This is particularly important during phase transitions. You shouldn't let yourself be kicked in the direction of the orange ooze, because if it's just about to pick a new target you might not get away in time.
Also, some classes have the possibility to extend the period until the ooze reaches them and so can reduce damage taken for the raid.
A mage being the target of a green ooze for example can iceblock and blink or a warlock can port away.

Be aware that if a mage iceblocks, the green ooze uses its standard threat list to acquire a new target! Once the mage comes out of the iceblock, the green ooze will wander back towards the mage.

Before you use feign death as a hunter, announce it on Voice Chat, because as soon as you feign death the green ooze picks a new target.