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Concerne le projet: 3.3.5
Ouverte par Nuane - 04.07.2017
Dernière modification par Josh - 05.07.2017

FS#5670 - [quete] Comment se faire des amis et influencer ses ennemis


Quand on tape le npc mais qu'il n'avoue rien :

You say: I'll tear the secrets from your soul! Tell me about the "Crimson Dawn" and your life may be spared!
You say: Tell me what you know about "Crimson Dawn" or the beatings will continue!
You say: I'm through being courteous with your kind, human! What is the "Crimson Dawn?"
You say: Is your life worth so little? Just tell me what I need to know about "Crimson Dawn" and I'll end your suffering quickly.
You say: I can keep this up for a very long time, Scarlet dog! Tell me about the "Crimson Dawn!"
You say: What is the "Crimson Dawn?"
You say: "Crimson Dawn!" What is it! Speak!
Crusader says: You'll be hanging in the gallows shortly, Scourge fiend!
Crusader says: You'll have to kill me, monster! I will tell you NOTHING!
Crusader says: You hit like a girl. Honestly. Is that the best you can do?
Crusader says: ARGH! You burned my last good tabard!
Crusader says: Argh... The pain... The pain is almost as unbearable as the lashings I received in grammar school when I was but a child.
Crusader says: I used to work for Grand Inquisitor Isillien! Your idea of pain is a normal mid-afternoon for me!

Crusader : Do you think this to be pain? To be suffering? HAH! Destroy this mortal shell so that I may ascend to the heavens!

Crusader says: The crimson what? Never heard of it...

Crusader says: You know nothing of pain, monster!

Crusader says: You... You'll get nothing... And like it...

"Look out! There's a bee loose and it's on a stinging rampage!"

"That one tickled..."

If you should break the crusader:
Crusader says: I'll tell you everything! STOP! PLEASE!
Crusader says: We... We have only been told that the "Crimson Dawn" is an awakening. You see, the Light speaks to the High General. It is the Light...
Crusader says: The Light that guides us. The movement was set in motion before you came... We... We do as we are told. It is what must be done.
Crusader says: I know very little else... The High General chooses who may go and who must stay behind. There's nothing else... You must believe me!
You say: LIES! The pain you are about to endure will be talked about for years to come!
Crusader says: NO! PLEASE! There is one more thing that I forgot to mention... A courier comes soon... From Hearthglen. It...
Scarlet Preacher dies from the torture.



Fermée par  Josh
05.07.2017 10:49
Raison de la fermeture :  Impossible à reproduire
Commentaires de fermeture :  Réussi à faire la quête sans soucis, c'est pas du 100% de proc il faut en taper pas mal.
Nuane a commenté le 08.07.2017 14:33

La quête ne bug pas, les premieres phrases sont les dialogues qu'il doit y avoir quand ça ne valide pas